The Bungee Jump

During Summer '95, I visited my friend Dimitri in Greece. We traveled to the island of Rhodes and sat on the beach for a week. While there, I had the opportunity to go bungee jumping. It is probably the scariest thing I have ever done! Photos courtesy of Natasha and The Museum.

bungee1 Here I am, waiting for them to attach the bungee cord.
bungee2 Bungee attachment happens.
bungee3 Going up...bye bye!
bungee4 I'm not quite scared yet.
bungee5 Now I'm really scared!
bungee6 Do I really want to do this?
bungee7 The ground is really far from here!
bungee8 Ahh, what the hell...
bungee10 BOING!
bungee11 Enjoying the view.
bungee12 I descend
bungee13 Ahh, Earth sweet Earth!
bungee14 I think I'll lie down for a moment.
bungee15 I am detached.
bungee16 Victory!
bungee17 Why yes, I will have that cocktail!
bungee18 Why is this glass shaking?
bungee19 Cheers!
bungee20 I sign the guest book

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