My trip to ground zero


Eight days after the terrorist attack, I went downtown to see the wreckage at the World Trade Center. There were many policemen and soldiers around, but I was able to see the ground zero site from Broadway. It was eerie because there were many camera tourists like me, together with many regular people who work in the financial district. The cops just moved us tourists along politely.

Once you get a few blocks away from ground zero, everything looks pretty normal, except for the increased security. Some subway stations are closed due to damage, and others for security reasons. The mood is pretty somber down there, but is returning to normal in the rest of Manhattan.

01 Ground zero, from Broadway and Cortlandt St 02 Ground zero, from Broadway and Liberty St 03 One Liberty Plaza, which sustained major damage but is still standing 04 Policemen wearing respirators in front of Trinity Church graveyard 05 The famous bull statue at Bowling Green
06 This wanted poster was taped to the statue 07 Con Ed is laying temporary power cables above ground 08 They've cleaned up most things but you can still see some ashes