Andy & Theresa

Theresa and Andy
Theresa & Andy - November 8, 1998
Theresa & Andy's Wedding
Photos and commentary by Steve Schultz

In a ceremony that had guests travelling from around the globe, Theresa took Andy to be her lawfully wedded husband and Andy said "I do" to having and holding Theresa till the end of time. No one objected so the rabbi said "They will complete each other", they kissed, a few folks cried and the next thing you know Theresa and Andy are getting carried around in chairs at the Carltun on the Park. All in all, not a bad way to spend a typical November day.

Andy's nephew kicked off the ceremony with a Kodak moment walk down the aisle as the ringbearer. The entrance of ushers and bridesmaids, best man (John) and matron of honor, and then the entrance of Andy and his parents. Before you knew, the beautiful bride came down the aisle with her parent to the sound of Pachebel's Canon (Harp and Flute).

Theresa met Andy at the end of the wedding stroll, the rabbi said some stuff, a few jokes, Andy said "I do", Therea said "Yeah, what the heck", the rabbi said "You're married", they kissed, a few folks cried, and the next thing you know folks are eating and drinking to their hearts content at the Carltun on the Park wondering if the Jets and the Giants were going to have big games today and if the VCR's were set up properly on record.

People were led into the dining room, blessing of the bread, lively music from an energetic band, toasts from the maid of honor and the best man, dancing eating, more dancing, etc. From where I was sitting, it was obvious that they made a most lovely couple and everyone had a wonderful time (the waiter kept us updated on the football scores, need I say more).

Now it's off to Hawaii for the newlyweds and we won't see them for a few weeks.

Kodak moment with Andy's nephew        
Andy with his parents        
Theresa with her parents        
Andy takes it from here        
They drink some wine        
Andy breaks a glass        
Skipping down the aisle        
Motley crew        
Bill & Jeri        
Regina & Steve        
Becky & Kerry        
Enter Andy & Theresa        
The first dance (Nat King Cole song)        
Round & Round we go        
Hello there!        
Theresa & John        
Slicing bread        
Toast by John  
More dancing  
Dept. 3216  
Becky & Kerry  
"Here you go"  
"You too"